Marigold, Calendula officinalis

MARIGOLD FLOWER    Calendula officinalis  Flower  (CO2 Total)   from Egypt 
1 ounce  $50.00        10 ml  $19.00.      1/2 ounce (15 ml).  $30.00 
Extended into 2 ounces  Organic Jojoba : Simmondisa chinensis Cold Pressed USA @ $29.00
Extended into 2 ounces  Virgin Organic Argan Oil;Argania spinosa  Pressed in Morocco @  $43.00


Calendula officinalis petals may be extracted as a CO2 total which I prefer other than the method of solvent extraction. This botanical substance is obtained at high pressures getting the volatiles along with the heavier molecules and plant waxes. It is a thick  substance which requires melting when mixing. The CO2 version of this remarkable flower may extended into a vegetal carrier base for ease of use. Although Calendula requires a bit more time in preparation of blends it has remarkable qualities that make it well worth the extra efforts for skin care and tissue reparation.There are many tremendous benefits we may utilize with this botanical wonder. The powerful skin healing attributes of Calendula include the ease of inflammation, soothing of burns and reduction of irritations. Digestion upsets and tension are minimized with this gentle yet potent plant. Marigold lifts the Spirit and calms the heart. 

Marigolds joyful color relates to the solar plexus. Sensibly, this indicates the remarkable and rejuvenate powers that this plant gifts us with.  There is a tremendous amount of energy held within our solar plexus chakra center. With the anointment of this plant oil (in a base) onto the center of our being we are able to assimilate wellness from within.These vibrant flowers offer benevolent traits to help us maintain willpower with integrity.