MANUKA  Leptospermum scoparium  wild crafted from New Zealand        
steam distilled essential oil from the leaves, twigs and branches
5ml     @$25.00
10ml   @$44.00
1 oz    @$120.00

     Leptospermum scoparium essential oil is steam distilled from wild crafted leaves, twigs and branches where it grows as a native in New Zealand. Manuka is an extremely effective anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti fungal agent. There are tests that have shown Manuka to be effective against anti-biotic resistant organisms, and specific research that has been done on streptococcus and pathogenic fungi proving the immense value of this health aiding botanical. The antipruritic {relieves sensation of itching /assisting with  prevention of occurrence} traits that Manuka holds is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. As an anti- neuralgic it relieves  and reduces nerve pain, relaxing the nerves of the skin while regenerating the cellular structure of the  epidermis. The powerful plant ally is effective in relieving itching and preventing infections as it detoxifies, helping to combat impurities in the body and within the organs.The analgesic qualities make it an excellent addition in a formulation to ease muscular aches and pains. 

      Manuka has been utilized in a variety of ways in New Zealand throughout history and still ongoing.The alterative {corrects disordered body functions } traits have been evident throughout  history to the Maori; the native people of New Zealand who have utilized this plant in numerous ways.