Mandarin Red

MANDARIN, RED  Citrus deliciosa      Cold Expressed Peel from Italy                         

10ml @$9.00      1oz @$20.00

        Citrus deliciosa essential oil is obtained from the cold expressed peel of this delightful fruit. Italian Mandarins are considered superior in quality to those of other countries. Merry Mandarin is a great revitalizer, this vibrant fruit brings emotional warmth from the rays of  sunshine that imbued its delightful scent with its many varied potent healing qualities. Adding Mandarin essential oil into a diffusor will assist with releasing the excellent energetic qualities. In the atmosphere this cheery essence will clear and energize the air as it elevates the mind.  Mandarin performs well on its own and also mixes nicely with greens and woods accenting them and lightening the intensity they may have on their own.  It is vital to remember that as with most Citrus essential oils  that they should always be added into a carrier base for application on the body and avoid contact with direct sunlight when using in the skin. Mandarin nourishes the body as it gently cleanses the system, boosting immunity, improving cellular structure and aiding tissue reparation. As a hepatic botanical it benefits the liver and gall bladder functions. Using this botanical in a proper carrier base may indeed prevent stretch marks. Mandarin is a nourishing essence, remarkable for mothering, from pregnancy through birth. This fruit assists all stages and ages of life, being especially beneficial for preventing colic in infants, may be used for tummy massage in a light percentage and also excellent for use in pre-natal massage, therefore assisting the “creation” of the child while it tones the skin enhancing the  cellular structure to remain firm and connected. 

         Mandarin helps eases nausea, having this at hand when boarding a plane is especially useful to prevent vertigo and queasiness.The cheerful scent of Mandarin will make travel a bit safer with the detoxifying and fortifying energy that one may breathe in along the way. Even just inhaling from the bottle will bring some protective molecules traveling through the olfactory system  to the brain, helping to make the journey comfortably.