Magnolia Flower

MAGNOLIA FLOWER    Magnolia  alba     Steam distilled in China

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Magnolia alba, also known as the White Champaca. This is  gathered from a flowering  hybrid plant of Magnolia champaca 
In China it is known as bai lan . (白蘭). Magnolia Flower oil holds a place for its complex aroma in natural perfumery .
It has an intense indolic scent so it blends well with Earthy bases and other potent essential oils in a parfum. 
The scent is potent, a little fruity floral almost like a sweet desert wine. In traditional Chineses medicine this is used to move the chi, increasing circulation with its presence. 
The aromatic essence is known to relax both body and mind while calming the senses; the lungs are said to be toned and coughs eased.