Macadamia Nut Seed Oil


MACADAMIA NUT SEED OIL  Macadamia terrifolia is expeller pressed from the kernels of unrefined virgin tree nuts in Kenya

1 ounce @      $12.00

2 ounces @   $19.00

Shelf stable through February 2024          

       These are the incredible and delicious nuts that most people are accustomed to eating, usually salted as a treat. This kernel is very rich and quite delicious made into nut milk and cream as well as used in pastries, pies and cakes. Certainly then it makes sense that these highly nutritive nuts which are full of antioxidants will offer it’s seed oil that has curative properties. This seed oil is used for cooking, baking and skin care. Native to Australia, Macadamia trees will also grow in a variety of places where the weather is conducive for its growth. This particular batch of seed oil come from Kenya where it is organically cultivated. The  unrefined seed oil is a result of cold pressing.  It has a mild nutty scent, so it is best for cosmetic care as opposed to a parfum  body oil base, for most formulations. It does has a pleasant scent, just know it will carry through.

  The power of this seed is incredible! We receive many restorative values it offers to us when we incorporate it into body anointment. There are numerous beneficial plant  compounds that assist with both preventative actions and curative  remedies. It has excellent emollient properties, as it softens the epidermis it also provides a lipid barrier for regenerating skin layers. It supports structure by protecting against cellular degeneration. Using this rich substance is a boon for aging skin in particular. Heart health and hormonal balance are benefited with the phyto nutrients of this potent plant seed. A very wonderful and interesting fact is that Macadamia nut seed oil is  incredibly rich in palmitoleic acid that is usually found in only in sea life. Whales and dolphins and the sharks that were slaughtered for this component, so fortunately this  as a replacement is instead a renewable cruelty free plant source that is known to beneficial for skin repair.