Litsea Cubeba


LITSEA CUBEBA   “May Chang”   Litsea cubeba  Fruit steam distilled in China
10ml @$9.00     1oz @$22.00        

     May Chang is a Southeast Asian Chinese native evergreen tree/shrub of the Lauraceae family that is also referred to as "mountain pepper”. It produces a fruit which is steam distilled to obtain the essential oil. Not really a citrus, though it is known for having a high citral content that gives it the lemony/fruity scent. There are numerous benefits attributed to this powerfully aromatic small berry. It has an uplifting scent that is somewhat stimulating and very revitalizing. Many consider this essence as an anti- depressant as it will elevate the Spirit and relieve melancholic states as it cheers the mood.

      Litsea Cubeba is known for being anti-inflammatory and analgesic, blending well in synergies with other like botanicals to increase these capabilities. The antiseptic and astringent qualities will help clear blemishes and skin eruptions. Like Melissa, yet much less costly this remarkable botanical also contains anti- viral capabilities that will help diminish cold sores, shingles, the pox and other herpes symptoms. This  lively plant oil has numerous benefits. Circulation will be improved with the addition of this essential oil in massage and body blends as it helps to decongest the lymphatic system and benefit digestion along with assimilation of nutrients. (Be cautious in the first trimester of pregnancy though.) May Chang is known to be a lung tonic, enhancing respiratory wellness  and breathing. There is further study going on as to how this plant can assist in lung treatments, negating certain diseases. 

      Litsea Cubeba is excellent used in a diffusor as an aromatic mood enhancer and purifier for the atmosphere . It has a nice clean aroma that will work well for sanitizing and disinfecting  areas like where the kitty litter box may be and the laundry room where its perky scent will clear the air .As an insecticidal this is very pleasant and known to be effective as an insect repellant, deterring mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Litsea  is lighter than lemon grass with a similar, yet less tenacious scent.