Lime, Persian


LIME, PERSIAN      Citrus aurantifolia      Cold Expressed Peel       Brazil

10ml @ $9.00       1oz @ $20.00    

         Citrus aurantifolia essential oil is cold expressed from the peel of the fruits skin, often in Brazil.  Sometimes the essential oil from Limes is offered in a steam distilled version which I find nice with  a bit of a  lighter scent. Expressed lime oils are more expensive than those steam distilled because of the difficulty in pressing the raw material. Expressed Lime is favored because cold pressed peels produce darker oil with sweeter notes and citrus nuances.

         Lively Lime essential oil will perk up the mood and refresh the thoughts within the mind. When this bright and cheerful energy enters through the olfactory zone it will stimulate the senses, enhancing creative thoughts and the ability to put them into action. Using this plant oil selectively in blending will add a heightened effect to the combination. Lime offers healthy traits as it clears and purifies the atmosphere as an antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral agent. Overall a very pleasant atmospheric oil, as Lime enters the body systems through the breath it assists the immune system as a restorative and respiration aid. 

Lime cleanses and purifies, opening up energy flow. It also has the qualities of being a febrifuge to cool a fever and reduce cold symptoms. This unique citrus essence will ease congestion and coughs while promoting wellness with its varied attributes and uses. Lime is

Life giving, offering its energy as a tropical sun soaker to fill one with that brightness.