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Life's Totems

Life’s Totems is one of my first creations; a rather simple blend that I wrote about in one of my very first journals.  The formulation of the essential oil synergy follows:
*Hyssop (Hyssopus offininale) is an aromatic herb that is know to assist with clearing the spleen, and also in increasing lung performance while empowering the mind with clarity. Clearing the spleen will ease associations with grief. On a metaphysical level the spleen is sometimes referred to a the seat of the Soul. 
*Ylang Ylang Extra Superior (Canaga odorata) is the first distillation of this exquisite flower. With it’s highly aromatic and sweet profile this scent will heighten the Spirit and raise the energetic vibration. Interestingly the color of these blossoms are typically yellow, the same color that corresponds to the Solar plexus regarding will power. 
*Sage (Salvia officinalis) This leaf relates to the lungs and enhancing the respiration system when used properly and in moderation. This is an extremely powerful plant known to purify and clear out negativity. Sacred Sage is traditional and time honored with the Native Americans.
*Clove Bud (Syzygium aromatic) is rather stimulating while also being analgesic .The intense  scent of these small yet powerful buds opens the mind, allowing clarity of thoughts to prevail. A wee it is added to expand creative thinking.                                             To be able to apply directly onto the body I added these essential oils into a jojoba carrier base. Applying this blend directly onto the lips and under the nostrils is maximizes the effectiveness. Our nose leads directly to the limbic system, directing the brain with decision making and emotional attitudes. 
This  blend is once again available. 

8ml into jojoba in a spherical applicator bottle  (roll-on) $16.00

1/2 ounce into jojoba @$28.00

Special 1 ounce into jojoba   @$44.00 great for refills