Libra's Poise


Rose, Rose Geranium;Reunion, Jasmin sambac, Vanilla CO2, Cardamom CO2, Angelica CO2, Violet leaf,
Cinnamon bark, Mugwort & Rue.

1ml neat as a pure parfum, for a diffusor or to add to a base for the body. @$44.00
Extended into 8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for  body anointment @$44.00
Into a Rose hydrosol to mist the body & surrounding atmosphere. 
1 ounce myst  @$48.00       2 ounce myst @$88.00


          Poise is a dominant trait in a Libra personality. The season shifts from summer to autumn with
 gentle ease as this zodiac sign enters the continuous circle of life. We have a graceful entry to the cooler 
season as we balance ourselves through the gathering of what we perceive. Harmony is bestowed upon us
with the clear glance of the ones who hold the Libra energy. This intuitive perception sees us through any
discord with grace.
The Venusian energy illuminates one with celestial consciousness. The integration of what is best for
many  in all situations is possible with the fairness this thought power posseses. Coming from the heart with 
the guidance of the etheric realm guides one on this life’s journey to be the best we can be for ourselves, 
others and the planet. With this air element one may possibly tap into the akashic records assisting the self
with true purposefulness. This lovely potion is etheric, filled with the sweetness of the vibrational scent energies it shares as
 you feel it flow through your  being and  dimensional bodies. 

ROSE, is the ultimate embodiment of love and harmony bestowing grace and poise in all.
ROSE GERANIUM:REUNION grants us balance of  body with emotions, easing the mind.
JASMINE SAMBAC harmonizes ones’ consciousness while enhancing and perceiving beauty. 
VANILLA is so delightful, joyous and warming as it fills one with its lovely sweet nectar.
CARDAMOM is the spice that perks the intuitive mind to act with cosmic consciousness.
ANGELICA supports the stamina and wellness of ourselves giving thoughtfulness a boost.
VIOLET LEAF connects the heart with the voice assisting with communication and action.
CINNAMON warms and activates one to go forward positively and contentedly. 
MUGWORT protects our bing from malevolent forces, keeping  peace and balance.
RUE an herb of Mercury guides speech and decision making with its  articulation.