Leo's Enlightenment

Frankincense sacra, Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, Patchouli, Cardamom CO2, 
Dark Myrrh, Bay Laurel & Black Pepper are intertwined to form an uplifting, empowering and
 enlightening sensation honoring the Loin And Lioness energies.
Astrologically speaking  Leo is known as the King  of the zodiac signs.  Leo is in full reign
 during the height of the Summer season. Appropriately so, this is a fixed Fire sign ruled by
 the Sun. Our wondrous star; the Sun contains the life giving forces and warmth which sustains
 life. This strong magnetic field contains elements from which plants are formed. Enlightening 
vibrations enter into our beings with these dynamic rays of color.
         The Sun is power. Everyone is familiar with the term solar power usually associating it
 with devices to capture that energy and transform it into electricity. We, as humans also use
 that light as our source of will power. The solar plexus chakra governs that energy allowing a
 sense of wholeness to prevail when channeled properly. Our mind connects us with the thoughts 
we choose to focus on. The brightness of the Sun sends us tools for empowerment, to use that 
energy wisely for health, focus and the good of the whole.
Physiologically the energy of the suns dominance  affects the heart, the thymus and  the
 spleen through the circulation of energy and heat that flows through us.The vertebral column 
channels this life- giving Chi allowing the manifested energy to travel through the nadis and
 acupressure points giving strength and vitality to the entire system as it flows.
In this formulation for this astrological sign of Leo I have focused on a synergy that is
 intended to allow enlightenment to enter our psyche through the botanical essences that 
correspond with the Sun and intermingle within our mind and body systems while breathing
 in the aroma and blending onto our beings. The power of the plants carries this.

Frankincense sacra is a guardian of the energies that enter our magnetic field
Jasmine Sambac has captured the Suns power producing amazing euphoric sweetness 
Bergamot is like sunshine itself, uplifting the mind and balancing the senses
Patchouli grounds us on this earthly plane allowing physical manifestation and security
Cardamom CO2 is a lovely spice that alerts and stimulates cerebral actions 
Dark Myrrh is healing as it binds together body and soul allowing peace to prevail
Bay Laurel like the Laureat crown for scholars is the crown for King Leo  
Black Pepper  is perky and invigorating assisting with activities and creation
These are intertwined to form an uplifting ,empowering and enlightening sensation. 

1ml neat  @$26.00    5ml neat @$108 SPECIAL
as a pure parfum, for a diffusor or to add to a proper carrier base for the body.


8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for direct body anointment. @$33.00

Into a Frankincense hydrosol  to mist the body & surrounding atmosphere. 
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