LEMON    Citrus limon    Peel (Cold Pressed)     Italy

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       The peel of the skin of the fruit of Citrus lemon is cold expeller pressed to release the essential oils. It grows in warm climates and we import it from both California and Italy where it thrives. Citrus limon essential oil inhalation is known to enhance left brain activity. The aromatic vapors of this citrus zest creates special effects on the brains cognitive powers giving clarity, alertness and mental acuity. Bright Lemon displays its virtues of bringing in the tremendous healing with its high vibratory actions. While it uplifts, refreshes and restores it cleanses and purifies too. Citrus essential oils blend well with the antiseptic green ones for household cleaning and air purification. Lemon is well known as a “cure all”, dispelling sickness and fears with its “light”energy.

        This citrus quickens healing of wounds and restoration of body actions .The naturally occurring beneficial constituents contain antimicrobial agents that protects against infections. Using Lemon as a juice to ease sore throats and infections is a very valuable way to use the fresh fruit. The essential oils are best added into a carrier base to go onto the skin, when there will be no exposure to the direct sunshine for a number of hours.  

       Lemons antiseptic traits help as a hepatic, gently aiding the liver and kidneys along with other vital organs. As a heart tonic this essential oil will  stimulate white corpuscles, invigorating immunity. Circulation improvement will reduce inflammation, assist with varicose vein reduction and ease water retention.  Lemon is beneficial in a body formulation to tighten the skins  structure as it strengthens the epidermal functions decreasing cellulite.

Caution: This oil has phototoxic properties and exposure to the sun must be avoided after application to the skin. Be sure to extend this into a base before applying onto the body.