Lemon Myrtle


Backhousia citriodora is steam distilled from the leaves in Australia                                                    
      Lemon Myrtle has an exquisite lemonish aroma! This is an excellent natural source of citral at about 95% (whereas Lemon essential oil has only 3-10% ).
This refreshing leaf essential oil is an extremely potent anti-bacterial and germicide.  Benefits known from  utilizing this plant oil are many. Acne, oily skin, 
colds, chest congestion, sinus congestion and  flu symptoms all are candidates for adding this into a healing formulation. This aromatic essence is both uplifting and relaxing, known to ease insomnia for some. It is pleasant for the atmosphere. It blends well with other essential oils to set a tone to the air when diffused or used in dusting and cleaning. An added benefit is that Lemon Myrtle repels insects including moths and silverfish. Great for dusting the bookshelves, especially if you care about vintage books.   

Expiry is 2023 for body care, after that for cleaning purposes is still fine

10ml @ $21.00    
1oz @  $55.00