Lemon Myrtle


LEMON MYRTLE   Backhousia citriodora is steam distilled from the leaves in Australia                                                    
10ml @ $21.00    
1oz @  $55.00


      Backhousia citriodora essential oil from Australia is steam distilled from the leaves. This type of Myrtle  has an exquisite lemonish aroma that is both uplifting and relaxing. It is an excellent natural source of citral at about 95% (whereas Lemon essential oil has only 3-10% ).  Lemon Myrtle  is an extremely potent anti-bacterial and germicide, there are beneficial skin reparative qualities that may be utilized with this as an ingredient in formulations.  It is known to clear up acne and to tone oily skin. It is very useful to minimize colds, chest congestion, sinus congestion and flu symptoms, and Lemon Myrtle repels insects including moths and silverfish. Lemon Myrtle is lesser known than many other essential oils,  although it is a useful addition to the essential oil cupboard with the powerful medicinal values it offers for wellness.