Lemon Grass

LEMON GRASS  Cymbopogon citratus Leaf/Herb steam distilled    Organic Madagascar
10ml @$9.00     1oz @$22.00       


     Cymbopogon citratus essential oil is from the chopped grass and leaf of this blade like herb, it grows in a wide variety of places keeping similar attributes. I choose to import the organically grown choice from Madagascar. Lemon grass is easily cultivated in warm climates and once established has a generous yield. Inhaling the intense aroma that Lemon Grass exudes eases the nerves while allowing clear passage of breath. Some consider the essence to be sedating, I consider it to be uplifting and somewhat stimulating to the pineal gland, therefore possibly inducing psychic vision and enhancing those intuitive abilities.

        Essential oil extracted from Lemongrass holds several therapeutic properties. There are many benefits for the human body with the addition of this essential oil to a carrier base and in synergistic formulations for healing skin problems like acne. It is also an exceptional astringent, known to tone the skin. It works as an antiperspirant to a degree as this invigorating plant possesses antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial characteristics. In India  Lemongrass is known as a time honored healing plant possessing qualities to rid infections, banish diseases and kill germs. Although attributed to be a beneficial cosmetic agent I find that it is quite potent and should be avoided in delicate areas and by those who are prone to sensitivities. I use it on my extremities only and along with other quenching oils in a vegetal base. In this fashion the toning, reviving and circulatory aspects are excellent for reducing cellulite as it tones the tissue structure, thereby reducing wrinkling epidermis. Athletes foot odor is known to be remedied with this used in foot soaks and blends. Another added benefit is that  this plant is a powerful insect deterrent repelling ticks, lice and fleas.