LEDUM    Ledum groenlandium       Both the flowers  and leaves of this herb are steam distilled primarily in from Canada.
Ledum is also referred to as Labrador Tea and Greenland Moss. 
        Upon inhaling this essence  one feels an immediate sense of restoration. Through the scent it is obvious 
that it instills healing throughout the body. Inhaling this essential oil will open up the sinus cavities, expand 
breathing capabilities as it opens the lungs to more oxygenating aromatic molecules. I reach for this whenever
I feel the need for the “medicine” needed to boost immunity and clear away toxins that may be invading the 
atmosphere through dampness or pollutants. I am extraordinarily sensitive to everything, scents in particular. 
This is a very powerful agent and only when I feel the need do I use this. Ledum is a serious plant and I appreciate
the extraordinary qualities it holds when I need them. It is considered quite safe without hazards in its use, still 
I prefer to save it when I need the boost to stay well.
This is an incredible herb for regeneration and restoration of the body systems. Ledum has limited availability 
and is little known in this day and age despite the fact that historically Native Americans referred to this plant as 
one that cures and heals most all ailments. of the most beneficial substances to enhance immunity. It is known to 
lessen swollen lymph glands, relieve allergies, reduce congestion and ease flu symptoms. Muscular tenderness may 
also be lessened with this essential oil added into a synergy and a proper carrier base for body massage.
         Because of the incredible healing qualities this essential oil is excellent for renewing body systems while 
purifying. The liver and kidneys along with the lungs are greatly benefited with the healing possibilities that this 
plant provides. Fortunately a small amount is very effective due to the incredible  powers of it’s properties and the
 intensity of the aroma it evokes. 
          Although I do not normally advocate internal use of essential oils I feel that I have saved myself from severe
 respiratory distress by adding 1 drop of the essential oil along with 1 drop of Inula into a spoon of honey to take orally,
 then followed by at least a cup of pure water. Sometimes one may find the Hydrosol and that is certainly one that is most
 safely used by adding just a teaspoon into a glass of water to drink.   

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