Lavender, Bulgarian


LAVENDER, BULGARIAN  Lavendula angustifolia     
Steam distilled Flowering tops Organically grown on a farm in  Bulgaria         
This exquisite smooth, soft and sweet lavender is  from the land of Roses.  Especially grown with great Love and care  
this offering  carries Vibrational healing on all levels. This is a most excellent component in all sorts of formulations for wholistic wellness.
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LAVENDER Lavendula Angustifolia
  The lovely Blossoms exude a fragrance which eases the mind as if lifting a veil allowing the scent and color frequency
to travel throughout the bodies we posses. Lavender is a well known essential oil, yet there are remarkable differences
in the effects of different essential oils. Lavender Vera which translates as true lavender is what I became accustomed 
to when first practicing the art of aromatherapy and is what I use in my Nature’s Spirit formulations. True lavender will 
flourish mainly in France and also in Bulgaria. Mellowed by the long daylight hours in high altitude with moderate rainfall 
and sandy soil lavender will thrive. Different regions of course have slightly varied constituents. By choosing the angustifolia 
Vera from these regions I maintain that vibrational energy in the formulations.
       Mercury the planet of communication rules this plant allowing the scent waves to touch the cerebral spinal nerves of 
the brain assisting with the balance of the body and its coordination with it senses. The high vibration allows an etheric
peacefulness to blanket and soothe the whole being. Lavender calms the mind and will help to reduce anxiety, stress and 
promote sleep. It is believed that the Romans and the Benedictine monks introduced this botanical to rest of Europe.
Lavender “Vera” is one of the most magnificent time honored healing essential oils which brings peace and soothing softness. 
     This beautiful herbaceous plant exhibits many remarkable qualities. 
As an adaptogen Lavender regulates and balances many aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. As an
incredible nervine it will soothes and relax the mind and so known to ease headaches. Psychologically Lavender is regarded as 
stabilizer of emotions with balancing qualities for the Spirit and Heart. Herbalist regards Lavender as one of the most useful
and versatile essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Lavender is the essential oil most commonly associated with treating burns 
and healing the skin.The cytophylactic actions increase the rapidness of healing and the stimulation of the growth of new cells 
that will maximize wellness and assist in scar prevention and reduction.The antiseptic and analgesic properties will ease the pain 
of a burn and prevent infection. The burn that often occurs during radiation may be prevented and possibly eliminated through 
the actions of this true botanical. Because it is effective in treating wounds from burns it only makes sense to realize that is will 
help prevent sunburn too. Fortunately this dominating regenerative function is extraordinarily useful for most skin conditions.
True Lavender is remarkable as a first aid component with antiviral traits that are known to reduce chicken pox, as it quickens
 the healing process.The application of the pure essential oil (in a carrier base) activates the corium function (dermis) the layer of
 skin below the epidermis. It is a valuable insect deterrent and also helpful in treating insect bites and other skin eruptions.
On a biological level it is important to note that there is activation of all venous circulation in all blood organs especially the liver,
spleen and pancreas with the use of this plant. Amazingly, it is also noted to help sugar metabolism with the liver/ islets of langerhons. 
It corresponds with sympathetic estrogen
 (female) therefore it assists in hormonal balance. 

quote from Gumbel: “The oil causes an extension of blood vessels, especially veins and capillaries, so that intensive metabolism 
between nourishing and purifying blood and body cells becomes possible.” Many uses for Lavender include the perfuming and 
purifying of garments, especially shawls and hats as these blossoms are also insect deterrents.