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A luxuriant Hindu Goddess of Abundance. She represents divine power that assists in creating good fortune. Aligning our creative flow with her spiritual presence opens opportunities to release fears & replace them with thoughts of acceptance for prosperity & wealth on all realms. She symbolizes all 4 elements with the Lotus she floats upon in the eternal sea of time. The Earth is the mud in which the flower is rooted. The Water surrounding supports the stalk. The Air partakes of the essence of the flower blossoms releasing its pure parfum into the atmosphere. The Fire draws the fertility of all forms from the suns radiance.

With all this in mind I have created a synergy of essential oils that evoke the spirit & the charms of this lovely inspirational Goddess. A variety of applications exist with the essential oils Ylang Ylang

Extra Superior, Clary Sage, Patchouli, Rosa Damascena & Orange.   1ml N @$33.00 

Into a Rose Hydrosol to mist the self & add into the Atmosphere.   2 oz @ $44.00 

Anointing Strength Body Base of Jojoba to enliven & moisturize      2 oz @ $40.00 

 Extended with 8ml jojoba into cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @ $44.00