Labdanum Resin

CISTUS CRETICUS -  Pure Labdanum Resin          INCENSE 
This Labdanum is Cistus creticus, also known as ladanum and ladan.

one ounce is $44.00

       Allowing the fumes from this delightfully gooey sticky brown substance to permeate the air and encompass all your senses is an extra ordinary experience. 
I form small heart shapes with this sort of “silly-putty” like substance and then place on the heated  pure charcoal, keeping the sacredness of this pure natural incense with all  of the elements involved. One could just roll little berry size balls  or spirals or teeny little fairy size log shapes. I believe that forming the substance allows emphasis on our intentions.  And just adding a little piece to heat works too !
Cistus is known to ease deep wounds as it stimulates the healing powers of the body, mind and Spirit.This resin as a substance as opposed to the intense essential oil that has a small yield from this species is much gentler, smoother and comforting. The remarkable powers of the essential oil are powerful and more direct. For decades I have used the Cistus essential oil in blends for body anointment especially for dealing with grief, painful separations, and solar plexus issues of the will we want to posses. Finally the experience of being able to experience the raw natural material as  incense. And I love that we are obtaining this directly from Crete. 
 Since Ancient times the resin has been used medicinally as a  purifying agent through smoke and steam. When inhaled  it is known to be  an effective 
treatment for bronchitis, the common cold, and fungal respiratory infections. Of course any smoke inhalation should be moderate. I like to ignite the 
substance and experience the fumes of scared smoke and then walk around with it (like smudging) and the I allow the remainder to be the guardian and
 gate keeper of my domain as it rests by the doorway, allowing the lingering essence to create and keep sacred space.
For parfum material this  sticky brown resin is treasured because of its similarity to ambergris – the compound that is collected from sperm whales,
 which is today an endangered species.  The Labdanum is what gives a perfume the deep scent of amber.In Europe during medieval times it was used as a 
pomander to improve one’s odour and against infection.