Ancient Indian religions such as Jainism focused on acquiring Universal self knowledge.and joy through extrasensory perceptions. The Goddess Karuna is known for honoring this Spiritual path. She portrays self compassion, thus allowing this compassion of being a Bodhisattva. Her  energetic energy brings peace and calmness. This essence is in honor of having kindness and compassion.
       Feminine energy at its peak is what I heard the Heron speak. Chinese mythology states that this deliciously fragrant flower is known to grow on the moon. I was guided by the first full moon of this new year with the sacred sweetness of Osmanthus, honoring the self along  with the lunar vibrations. It is totally yin and  this precious absolute blends well with deep earthy botanicals creating the yin /yang bond helps that to keep us in balance.There are powers held within the scent of these fragrant flowers that ease tension, reduce stress and advocate wellbeing. The essence calms the mind, eases the breath and soothes the heart as it intermingles with our own terrain and auric field. It will encompasses us in a sort of cloud of delight, protecting us from invasion of negativities.
        Honeysuckle absolute is indeed a treasured liquid. Very rarely found in this form, honeysuckle exudes sweet delightful aroma exceedingly beneficial as one of the most heightened essences to bring one closer to a delta state of mind. Meditation and sleep are enhanced with this aromatic        botanical treat.
        Clary Sage eases tension as it soothes the mind , allowing a state of grace to envelop ones being. Clary Sage speaks to womanhood, cleansing and calming preparing for regeneration. Breathing with ease allows makes life s moments more present to one.
       Spikenard, ahh the deep down almost dirty oil. Only quite sparingly do I ever add Spikenard for myself or in one of my aromatic creations. This walks softly.
       Patchouli CO2 Select from Indonesia is actually the first component for the quantity aspect, yet the base of it all, along with the drop of Spikenard. Patchouli though is full of passion and pleasurable earthiness that settle one down to be real with themselves and with most of Nature.

  $33.00     per ml 
  $36.00     Into 8ml Jojoba in glass vial  w/ spherical applicator for direct body anointment.