Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatherapists-Vintage Aromatherapist


           Kapha governs our structures. This needs to be balanced for lubrication and cohesiveness of the joints and lungs, along with formation of all the body tissues. 
Black Spruce;Picea mariana, Saro;Cinnamosma fragrans, Orange;Citrus sinensis, Mysore Sandalwood;Santalum album, Elemi;Canarium luzonicum, Black Pepper;Piper nigrum, Hyssop; Hyssopus officinale, Juniper;Juniperus communis, Cardamom, Ellettaria cardamomum,     Angelica Seed & Root;Angelica  archangelica
These essential oils are immersed into a pure organic carrier base at an approximately 3 % dilution for safe and effective  facial and body application.
Offered in a 2 oz glass bottle with treatment pump @$33.00