Juniper CO2

JUNIPER  Juniperus Communis    CO2  from the Berries    India

5ml @$15.00       10ml @$24.00       1oz @$56.00

This version is higher dollar, yet carries a richer deeper intensity. Inhaling this is as if opening the jar of Juniper berries,
it is as a CO2 distillation more complete in the energetic vibration of the whole berry. A very traditional plant to protect
from any malevolent forces whether they be biological or metaphysical. 


      Juniperus communis berry is  both steam distilled and produced with a CO2 method. I import the essential oil from Russia where it thrives and the CO2 comes from India. Ancient Grecians burned the plant to combat epidemics and historically it is known that the smoked juniper wood would keep evil spirits away. The herbal infusions from these magical beaded berries would restore youthfulness was also recorded. To this day inhalation of the vapors in aromatic diffusion eases coughs and contributes to bronchial wellness as it travels through the lungs and respiration channels. The renowned mystic St. Hildegarde noted the remarkable healing qualities of Juniper berries being crushed into a hot bath for easing pulmonary infection. Many Native American tribes use Juniper for its medicinal values. The Apache make infusions for  easing coughs, the Chippewa uses Juniper  to ease asthma and bronchitis and the Cree use the berries and plant as a disinfectant for wounds.The Pauite used this as a blood tonic and as an inhalant to relieve migraines and to decongest the body while purifying the atmosphere. The Tewa recored poultices to reduce swelling, ease sprains and draw out toxicity from afflicted areas.           

         I realize that my great fondness of this botanical may be influenced by the ruling planet of Mars, being that I am an Aries, and I do have a fair portion of Native American blood from my Moms GrandMama. There are so many wonderful traits  that Juniper contains that support wellness when used in various ways. This the alchemical essence is often used for many formulations. Other than in times of pregnancy Juniper is a great boon to  wholistic wellness. Juniper supports the immune and  lymphatic systems as a detoxifying, purifying and healing tonic for the body’s energy flow. It functions as a hepatic, assisting the liver and minimizing ulcers.  Historically, Juniper is recorded to be an important hepatic by both Pliny and Galen who recommended its use for liver purification. The kidneys  benefits from this diuretic herb especially after any over indulgence. It is interesting to note that Gin comes from Juniper berries and that these berries also assist in the relief of hang overs!

         Juniper remains in high esteem for the restorative value it imparts. This  essential oil must be used with care and avoided during pregnancy. As with many potent essential plant oils it is best added in combination with other botanicals that lend balancing benefits. This plant oil is helpful in the reduction of cellulite and accumulated toxic build up in the body. Juniper will charge a blend with its stimulating properties directly into the bloodstream and lymph system to carry out waste and renew the blood.

         The way in which the plant grows often indicates its usage. With Juniper the twisted bark reveals the possibility of twisted joints and uneasy conditions that require purification that these berries readily offer. It is warming as it increases blood flow which reduces swelling, lessening some arthritic and thematic pain. Other benefits include healing ulcers, gout, sores, wounds and toothaches. It will reduce acne afflictions  when added to complexion formulations.

        Juniper has perky essence. The scent smells clear and crisp,  invigorating the mind and easing stress and apathy. When added to a personal scent it adds a nice spicy lift that will energize and jazz up a parfum or body anointment blend. Juniper plant oil adds a boost to aromatic elixirs in rejoining strength to tired Spirits. Juniper centers the self with many rejuvenating qualities that it shares.  And Juniper is traditionally used to protect one from any malevolent forces whether they be biological or metaphysical.