Jungle Rythm

A blend for the erudite…..One must want to feel the rhythm of the Earth in order to connect with this Royally rich blend. This Sacred mixture of pure and precious botanicals is an enigmatic and enticing exotic Earthy concoction. While resonating  on a deep base level it also connects us to the source of Mother Nature evoking the Spirit from within our deepest core.
The Agarwood (Oud) Aquilaria malaccensis from Thailand carries forth the deep mysterious elements of the jungle from where it grew. The Somalian Frankincense Cateri brings in centuries of Spiritual reverence, the Honored Sacred Mysore Sandalwood is  sustainably harvested only after growing for at least 30 years and the Intensely Aromatic Tuberose Flowers gather the sweetness from the Earth as they prepare to burst forth with intoxicating floral sweetness .These rare and precious essential oils are combined within Frankincense hydrosol to be used as a Magical Aromatic Myst. Wonderful for Meditation, Relaxation and Sensual Enjoyment. It is intended to be misted directly onto the skin as well as in the surrounding atmosphere.Please be certain to shake before misting as the essential oils may settle .

1 ounce myst@ $55.00
2 ounce myst@ $108.00.