Joyful Healer


This is a formulation that is composed into pure organic jojoba as the carrier base for the essential oils. Therefore it is for direct external body application. JOYFUL HEALER helps to alleviate pain by penetrating deeply into muscle tissue to reduce swelling, inflammation, aches, soreness, rheumatism, arthritis and fatigue. It is known to relaxe muscles, tendons and joints as it circulates the life forces within. This Nature’s Spirit blend contains
Marjoram, Cypress, Ginger, Juniper, Frankincense, Thyme linalool and Rosemary in jojoba.
Please use with free will and knowledge. Some may be sensitive to Rosemary oil if they are prone to seizures, however the percentage of this essential oil is quite small. In 32 years I have never had anyone have any difficulty with this.

½ ounce @$22.00  
 l ounce  @$40.00   
10 ml travel size in Jojoba @ $15.00

"Thank you again for Joyful Healer! My husband gets a crick in his neck and massaging it for a few minutes with this oil always makes it better. He also likes the scent, an added bonus.” Chryseia Brennan 

Every  Nature's Spirit blend has a story about it. Of course it must;
    I created these synergies from the ideas and thoughts from whence it came. Joyful Healer has become a classic in the repertoire of my many formulations. Even though I continue to create blends there are those that just came out pretty incredible and have been effective such as Joyful Healer. Though the decades I have learned much more and there are literally dozens of formulations that would be very good for similar purposes. However I feel Blessed by Spirit that I was guided along with  my knowledge and instincts to make this "healing" potion.
    My father had just had knee surgery before he and my Mom visited me in Florida decades ago. It saddened me to see this person whom I dearly Loved and respected to suffer. I then asked him that if I made a blend for him, would he please use it? Although we lived quite naturally, my parents were not familiar with essential oils or my way of living. I was always raised to tell the truths I knew if my Father said he would try the blend, I could be sure he would at least give it a try.
    So, I prayed on it as I thought about the body, mind and Spirit connection in regard to this situation. The result came to be putting together these 7 essential oils into a jojoba carrier base. Marjoram would ease the mind as it soothed the muscle tissue. The Cypress would allow the flow of energy through the veins, moving the Chi. Ginger is stimulating reducing stagnation and swelling. Juniper is excellent as a blood purifier. Frankincense will repair tissue while strengthening the nerves, allowing relaxation to the mind. Thyme is quite antiseptic and will prevent infection. Rosemary will quicken restorative actions.
    I gave my Dad the blend the next day for him to begin to use immediately. The quicker one gives attention to repair the better the results will be. The day after my Father called and said something like this; The swelling went down, the pain eased and his skin felt nice and smooth. After a few weeks he wanted more to continue the applications. I was really pleased that it worked so well. I named the blend Joyful Healer. Marjoram,the key ingredient is known as "Joy of the Mountains".
    These blends assist in the bodies reparation. Often the pain will be eased tremendously with the anointment of the formulation. How much is needed and how often it should be applied depends on the situation.
    There are aspects of the many attributes and benefits of the botanicals that benefit our whole body. I suggest JOYFUL HEALER to the people that ask for relief from arthritis, rheumatism, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other ailments that deal with the muscles, joints and circulation.  With Nature's Spirit we all are blessed by the many gifts that Mother Nature offers us.