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Joyful Healer


JOYFUL HEALER                             
Helps to alleviate pain by penetrating deeply into muscle tissue to reduce swelling, inflammation, aches, soreness, rheumatism, arthritis & fatigue. 
Relaxes muscles, tendons & joints. Circulates the life forces within.
Marjoram, Cypress, Ginger, Juniper, Frankincense, Thyme linalool & Rosemary in jojoba.
½ oz @$22.00  
l oz T@$40.00  Therapeutic strength 
2oz LE@$15.00               
4oz LE@ $28.00  LE +Light Essence  =All over Massage Strength

"Thank you again for Joyful Healer! My husband gets a crick in his neck and massaging it for a few minutes with this oil always makes it better. He also likes the scent, an added bonus.” Chryseia Brennan