JOJOBA Simmondisa chinensis Cold Pressed USA

We only carry the Organic Pure extract of jojoba seed; first cold press & the only

pressing. Basically odorless, this carrier base contains alpha, delta & gamma tocopherols , all natural forms of the Vitamin E ;an extremely potent anti-oxidant. This structure makes it a stable liquid wax ester; it will not oxidize or go rancid. It maintains quality during temperature changes; it may harden to a semi solid at cold temperatures yet maintains all of its values.

Primarily non-allergenic, & non pore clogging are characteristics that are of great value in blending. With the addition of pure essential oils this will permeate into the skin to reach beneath the surface, nourishing & enhancing wellness. Organic pure jojoba is over all one of the very best carrier bases. For topical use only, although historically was used by Native Americans as a food source. This pure jojoba is gentle enough for newborn babies. It soothes, and it restores elasticity to any dry skin area while conditioning and softening the skin. For daily conditioning, apply all over the body immediately after bathing. Jojoba soothes and conditions sun- or wind-burned skin. Jojoba conditions hair and scalp, prevents dryness, and restores manageability. It is gentle yet potent: will remove babies' cradle cap.

Jojoba has an SPF of only 2 to 4: is not recommended for use as a sun screen alternative. Apply jojoba after sun exposure to soothe and maintain the skin. Adding essential oils will maximize the benefits.
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