A “JIVA” is a living being imbued with a life force. It is regarded  as the Immortal essence or Soul of a living organism, both humans and plants, as well as other entities which survives physical death. The word  JIVA  originates from the Sanskrit jivás, with the root jīv, "to breathe". Its root is the Latin word vivus, meaning "alive" .
There are many Asian lands offering us the bounty of the aromatic plants that thrive within their domain. These precious botanicals bring in an array of olfactory images with their uniquely different scent profiles. By experiencing the scents we may have aromatic journeys filling the mind and imagination with delights. 
I have selected some of my favorites to compose this pure”parfum”. The essences carry their  landscape of emotions held within them. Everyone experiences an image, the taste of food flavors, the  vibrational sound of music, the feeling a color evokes and especially the emotions and awareness as a scent is uniquely perceived.
These quintessential essential oils each carry a distinct energy and along with their powerful aromatic attributes, they hold historical significance in their meanings and usage.
Formulating  these energies creates a whole new synergistic Aromatic combination. 
Pure parfums consist of only these plant derivatives along with a properly pure plant carrier base to hold them in unison.

JIVA Components consist of the following pure essential oils immersed in a jojoba base.
Mysore Sandalwood ;  Santalum album,  heartwood steam distilled from  Mysore, India
Frankincense ; Boswellia sacra,  resin steam distilled from Oman
Jasmine ; Jasmine Sambac,  flower solvent extracted & cleaned from India
Oud Soofi ; Aquillarai agallocha,  wood soaked/distilled from India
Himalayan Cedarwood ;Cedrus deodora,  wood  steam distilled from from India 
Nepalese Himalayan Cypress;  Cupresses torulosa,   wood steam distilled from Nepal    
Ambrette;  Abelmoschus moschatus, seeds steam distilled  from India

Pure essential oils of Mysore Sandalwood, Santalum album
Frankincense, Boswellia sacra
Jasmine,  Jasmine Sambac
Oud Soofi, Aquillarai agallocha
Himalayan Cedarwood, Cedrus deodora
Nepalese Cypress, Cupresses torulosa
Ambrett, Abelmoschus moschatus  
extended into an organic jojoba base for the enjoyment direct body application.

In an 8ml spherical applicator @ $44.00