Jasmine (Jasminum sambac)


JASMINE  Jasminum sambac   Flower    India

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     Jasminum Officinale and Jasmine Sambac are the two absolutes that I have the blessing of being able to use in my formulations. Jasmine is known as Moonlight of the Grove in Hindi, yet the scent of true Jasmine is as penetrating as the rays of the Sun with its virtuous and  therapeutic powers. The Moon corresponds with sensuality and emotions while influencing bodily fluids and pancreas- glandular functions.This white garland flower must be extracted through a solvent process or in an enfleurage to yield it’s remarkable heady floral essence.  Solar infusions and water immersion are subtle ways to utilize these flowers if you have the good fortune of growing this shrub. We pick the blossoms and allow the essence to permeate into the atmosphere as the flowers dry into a possible potpourri component.These blossoms hold an elegant and exceptional fragrance  that has  a highly pungent odoriferous content which is extremely concentrated consisting of as many as 260 naturally occurring chemical constituents with the jasmone-ketone being responsible for its tremendous scent. It is quite costly due to the process of extraction, thus the fragrance of Jasmine rarely real in the commercial perfume industry.

        Jasmine is a renowned aphrodisiac, highly regard for releasing passion. This “King of Flowers” is  an exotic and euphoric prestigious and prized parfum component. Although it reigns as King, it is compared to the Feminine Divine. The essence of Jasmine is lovely when it graces the hair that adorns the Woman/Goddess . Sensual  Jasmine sambac is the sweetest of the Jasmine species, attracting beauty as do the people who adorn themselves with it do.These radiant blossoms exude an exceptional evocative fragrance that romances ones imagination. This wonderful exotic scent  serves as a restorative tonic and a psychic shield as we travel into the depths of the unknown with much intrigue and mystery. Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland creating an aphrodisiacal action on the impulses of desire. This elation releases fears, diminishes inhibitions and sets forth positive visions of desired outcomes. Jasmine is known to reduce frigidity and enhance sexual expression. As a yin essence it assists with all phases of femininity. Childbirthing is a time that calls for this flower. The sacral plexus chakra craves the delights of these creative forces also.

       Ancient traditions  carry on with various uses of this precious botanical substance. In Indian lore “Kama”, the God of Love is known to tip his arrow with Jasmine to release passions and desires with the piercings.  Sufis adore these blossoms for spiritual Love and inspiration. The elegance of this fragrant flower represents Love along with purity, nobility and innocence. The passions released are benevolent; they are of pure heart-felt desire. The wisdom of Love is in the heart and through that connection Spirit soars with aspirations. Also known as “Joie de vive” these  heavenly flowers are traditional adornments at Spiritual ceremonies, weddings, religious festivals and temple worship. Jasmine is known to be sacred to Lord Vishnu and Shakti. There is an ancient saying regarding Jasmine as it is known to communicate good Spirits: “I wish you fragrant morning full of goodness, like the Jasmine.” quoted from   Sabah IL-Khair. 

       Jasmine excels with the emotional support it offers as it releases endorphins creating a sense of secured wellness.  Inhaling this luscious fragrance encourages ethereal stimulation, assisting balance on many levels. The essence of Jasmine is harmonic, which makes it wonderful for use  as a personal scent that carries its energy assisting with interfacing with society while remaining safe as an individual being.  I find it interesting that the properties of this precious plant also include that it eases mucous assisting with the throat, and voice, therefore with communication. I remember this especially when knowing we must always speak our truth and when the throat chakra gets sore and its hard to use our voice the Jasmine imparts its assistance to rise above issues and be guided by Divine inspiration. 

       Precious Jasmine is potent, it is best applied in a carrier base when applied  onto the face, neck and intimate areas. When intermingled with ones personal body chemistry it takes on unique  individual chemistry as it imparts its scent. This dreamy fragrance is an indolic delight that vitalizes and nourishes the epidermis as it embraces the olfactory body mechanisms. All anointment of the body is in correspondence with the Divine when intention is set. Jasmine enhances the sweetness and grace of these personal encounters. Liberation of the senses, allowing Love, passion and  sensuality to mingle with euphoric desires creates well being with this Spiritual vibratory quintessential essence. Added benefits of using Jasmine in a carrier base for body anointment is that this lively botanical has tremendous cosmetic value. Jasmine used in skin care encourages resilience as it rejuvenates aging skin, easing wrinkling and dryness. 

Quote from Alice Bailey “Jasmine and Star Jasmine stimulate the God sparker permanent atom that resides there.This same permanent atom dwells in people from the Souls original creation through all incarnations.”