INULA  Inula graveolens from the  Blossom with leaf steam distilled from France

1ml @$60.00 
5ml @ $250.00    

      This fragrant Aster is harvested and distilled in small batches in Southern France near the Mediterranean Sea. The tiny flowers yield a minimal oil content, therefore it requires much plant matter to distill a small amount of essential oil, this is reflected in the price. Inula will boost immunity helping the body to resist pathogens, it is one of the most effective plant oils to me because it is gentle  while being extremely immune enhancing.  Antiviral and antibacterial are traits which abound within this small plant. While filling the olfactory system with its unique medicinal essence it helps to defeats airborne bacteria, reducing the likelihood of diseases infiltrating from the atmosphere. 

       Inula is a most powerful mucolytic essential oil helpful for all respiratory and lung issues. It is known to ease asthma and bronchitis symptoms. As a  cardio-tonic it will regulate blood pressure as it calms and eases the nerves. With such an affinity to Inula and wanting to share the incredible health values I need to be absolutely certain of the safety. I research all of what I work with and create with, yet this is one essential oil I rely on for personal medicine. That is my choice, I am not suggesting that one do this unless they have adequate knowledge; they then have the free will to use these products for personal health care choices.  I have researched the safety and chemistry of this very potent and extraordinary effective plant oil.  In the Essential Oil Safety Guide by Tisserand and Young it states that there Inula has  no known level of toxicity or adverse skin reactions. Also of note is that they mention that there is limited availability of this substance. The value of this lovely healing botanical to me though is priceless for immune enhancement and restoring  respiratory wellness. When we are  healthy we are vibrant. When we breathe fully our chi flows; allowing our selves to be living, not just surviving. I prefer to emphasize the positive, yet some of the conditions in this world can be harsh and downright toxic unfortunately. Fortunately Inula assists with  creating a personal field of wellness as we inhale the essence and better yet when we incorporate the essential oil in therapeutic formulations for direct body applications.