Intuitive Mind

Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang extra, Frankincense sacra, Australian Sandalwood and Patchouli. These precious botanicals form a union easing the mind, transmitting peaceful aromatic wavelengths which encompass body with Soul; uniting the whole of the self becoming one with grace entering a dominion of Spirit.
You may add drops onto your hair, into the shower or add into a pure base such as Jojoba  for body anointment.
A neat synergy of these essential oils is available at this time .

4ml Neat @ $32.00
5ml Neat @ $40.00
10ml Neat @ $77.00
Also  for direct body application into jojoba in a  8ml glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$19.00

CLARY SAGE: Salvia sclarea steam distilled  Flower/Leaf from France 
is a powerful nervine calming anguish. This very yin (feminine) floral herb  influences sleep and dreams possibly allows euphoric  feelings.The thyroid and the throat chakra benefit from its usage.

YLANG-YLANG, EXTRA SUPERIOR:Canaga odorata is a steam distilled flower from Madagascar,being the  highest & truest version.  Uplifting the Spirit with the sweetness and sincerity this  etheric and  euphoric aphrodisiac also eases tensions with the  balancing of hormones.

FRANKINCENSE SACRA: Boswellia sacra is a resin steam distilled in Oman this essential oil comes from the “tears” of the plant. It carries  a powerful transcendental energy, known as a psychic energizer, protector of the auric field and a karmic cleanser. Frankincense is regarded as the “Guardian of the Supernatural” Frankincense strengthens the body, soothes the emotions, and embraces Spiritual vibrations. This quintessential oil  enhances meditative states, calming the nerves, centering the mind and instilling Peace. This precious botanical opens the crown chakra, uniting the body, mind, Spirit and Soul thus allowing transformative healing.

AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD: Santalum spictatum  Steam distilled Root/Heartwood/Bark is a Spiritual, Sacred oil, used for prayer and meditation. mentally calming, assisting the mind to get into trance meditation mode. balancing the nadis from the base root up through the crown chakra.

PATCHOULI: Pogostemon patchouli is a Steam Distilled leaf from India that  holds a delightful earthy aroma, known to stimulate the release of pleasure hormones including dopamine and serotonin therefore highly regarded as an aphrodisiac.  It may be helpful to ease insomnia as it has a “dream like” sedating quality that relaxes the mind.