Nature's Spirit Distinctive Aromatherapy Alliance of International Aromatherapists-Vintage Aromatherapist

Infinite Beauty Elixir

  Immersed into this carrier base of organic and/ or wild crafted vegetal oils of First press organic Jojoba, 
Rose Hip CO@2 Total oil, Cold pressed Rose hip seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Argan oil and Meadowfoam seed oil   
are the pure steam distilled organic Bulgarian Rose Otto along with both Frankincense cateri sourced from 
Ethiopia & Somalia,  Corsican Helichrysum,organic  Pacific northwest small batch harvest of Helichrysum, 
French Carrot Seed and a somewhat soft French Cistus labdanum absolute. 

1 ounce in a glass bottle( with orifice reducer)           $88 
Into an 8ml spherical glass applicator                         $26
A dram  (4ml) amber glass vial                                    $15