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Illumination of the Soul


Spiritual awareness comes to us in a variety of ways. Deep meditation is blissful and peaceful, offering great comfort to our busy minds and restless bodies. Coming to our quiet space is something we can learn to practice and incorporate into our lives. 
But, then there can be a sudden awakening, sometimes jolting to what we consider our reality in which we exist. Experiencing a dramatic transition of a loved one will take us to a depth of our Soul that we may not have known existed or ever felt we were ready for. Some things just happen, out of our control. I like to believe that these occurrences are in the hands of God, so to speak and that there its a purpose higher than what our human minds can reach.
 On May 19, 2010 when Andrea-Rose, my beautiful young daughter at the age of 9 was suddenly transported out of her body through a sudden incident I experienced such an intense Soulful awakening. My mind still is struggling to comprehend the why, the could haves, the would haves and the what I believe should have been. On and on and on,…….. seven years later still wondering why. Yet, in my heart I feel such eternal Love that I truly believe that the Souls purpose is activated into realms of the Sacred mysteries. Those of you who had met my lovely child knew how loving and kind she was to everyone and all things. The term old Soul rings true here, quite possibly She was being transported at an early age into the Bliss of Atman. A blessing for her. And this I must remember. Everyday.
Our Souls  are eternal. The vibration of Love is a gift that has no physical form.

  This blend is created with the intention of seeing and feeling beyond the limited space we encompass here on this Earth plane. These essential oils speak with their aromatic language, allowing us to feel the quintessential energies they emit. This is a composition of essences translating some of the gifts these sacred botanical offer us.  

Mysore Sandalwood        Aligning the chakras from the Heart center
Rosa damascena              Sacred heartfelt Soulful awareness and healing
Jasmine Sambac             Offering etheric energetic vibrational optimism
Neroli                             Calming the senses and emotions, easing heart ache
Frankincense sacra         Connecting the crown chakra with the Divine 
Calamus root                   Being from theEarth and rising out of the muck to the Light
Wild Indonesian Oud      Deep rich Earth representing the soulful emergence of rebirth
Wild Chamomile              Motherly soothing loving and calming caress from the tiny rays
Melissa                           Heart healing plant offering balance for the nerves and mind

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