HYSSOP Hyssopus officinale Herb Leaf/Flower, steam distilled,     NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Bulgaria

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      Hyssopus officinale essential oil is steam distilled from the whole plant. France and Bulgaria are well known for remarkable quality in the production of this Holy Herb.There is a variation also named  Hyssopus decumbens that comes specifically from Spain. I hold this honorable herb in high esteem. It is a  soulful green plant with lovely ting flowers called “Azob”.

The leaves correspond to the lungs and the breath with blueish purple flowers that associate with the throat chakra and the astral body. As it opens the lungs, it has useful powers to combat asthmatic symptoms and allergies. Breathing better supplies more oxygen as it increases circulation and mental clarity, the oxygen intake performed by our biological bodies enhances awareness. The inhalation and application of this remarkable herb stimulates vital systems, therefore assisting in the “breath-taking” processes of Spiritual life. This empowers the mind with clarity enabling one to put positive thoughts into affirmative actions. I believe that the clearing and empowering energies assist with releasing past events that may have fostered feelings of guilt held within and stifling the breath . On a soulful level it clears the spleen, increasing energy levels and focus assisting in reducing grief. 

      This “reed” dates back to prehistoric times used for purification, protection  and the healing of wounds, both external and internal. The empowering energy that Hyssop bestows us with assists the solar plexus to gain  strength to utilize necessary will power. Hyssop gathers great powers from a the ruling planet of Mars. It also is associated with kundalini serpent power. Paracelsus states that Hyssop “rules polarity between the brain and sexual organs with its animal magnetism and dynamic energy.” 

      Hyssop is excellent in formulations  made for reducing swelling and bruising as it increases blood flow and adds nourishment to red corpuscles. Adding hyssop to formulations certainly empowers their ability to quicken the actions expressed with the  absorptive powers it bestows.