Hyacinthus Orientalis is produces this lovely aromatic essence through both the solvent extraction and steam distillation processes
from the petals of this ornate flowering bulb. The production is minuscule so to have the privilege of utilizing the pure quintessential oil is 
a rarity. I am blessed in my enterprise to be privileged with the opportunities to create in this seemingly floral fantasy. The bulbs bloom into
an aromatic and visual delight.
            Hyacinth. Ahhhh!!!, A very heady experience is likely to enhance creativity, dreams and invoke passion. Legendary in Healing, Hyacinth
is noted as an enhancer that allows restful sleep and sensual encounters that are both sacred and symbolic. Be mindful of what you desire; it
may very well manifest. I at one time created a potion parfum that I named “Hypnotic Mystery”. It was almost intoxicating in its multi dimensional
aromatic qualities. High quality parfums are sometimes concocted with the addition of  Hypnotic Hyacinth for a top note. The scent would quickly
dominate if put in a high percentage.That is an auspicious fact though because the cost of true Hyacinth is steep. There is such a demand for these
precious bulbs with their radiant blossoms which exude a delightful bouquet that lifts one into an Etheric realm.
     Venus rules this plant of love and desire. Self hypnosis is known to be utilized with this provocative mind stimulating euphoric blossom. The meeting
of the two sides of the brain enhance the co-mingling of creative forces brought forth from the subconscious to manifest in this reality we abide in.
Meditation and creative visualization  is enhanced with the essence of this tranquil and tempestuous quintessential tonic. These blossoms open up  
deep and infinite  possibilities to come from the evolving essence of the self.

1ml @$55
8ml in jojoba within a  a spherical  applicator @$33.00