Vibrant energies fill the atmos with the quick flickering of Hummingbirds hovering over colorful petals and aromatic flowers as they fill themselves their sustenance of delight.  Joy is represented when one is honored with the presence of this delightful being, awakening  energetic Magic of movement, filling all the senses with Love of Life.

This quickness also reminds us of how time passes while this energy still remains even after we no longer see with our eyes.  Vibrational Healing exists in multitude of dimensions. Hummingbirds bring us delight of the moment with the awareness that the unseen energy holds  the magic and Love. Tuning into Aromatic essences that these lovely birds adore brings a deeper sense of Soul- full awareness to our beings.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior has a heightened sweetness, connecting with the astral realm.

Lavender is flowering herb soothing to the senses, assisting with healing and adapting. 

Clementine has a bright solar and stimulating color frequency inspiring optimism. 

Jasmine Sambac is sensuous, sweetly caressing the senses, allowing one to open to delight 

Neroli is a heart tonic resonating with the flow of life helps to ease fluctuating emotions.

Vanilla is totally sweet & this is completely real , which is rare in the “world of fragrance”  

Tuberose is such a heady potion passionate plant that adds mystique and allure to the mix!

1 ml neat @$30.  

Extended into  8ml jojoba in a spherical applicator @ $22.                                                              


Into a  2  oz Rose hydrosol mist @$33.

Into a 1   oz  Rose hydrosol mist @$22.