Ho Wood

HO WOOD       Cinnamomum camphora      steam distilled      twigs & bark            China
This twigs and bark from this wood is steam distilled primarily in China. This is also known as Shiu wood oil.
 Ho Wood  essential oil is a natural and sustainable replacement for Rosewood essential oil because of its similar 
chemical properties including a high percentage of linalool . The scent is remarkably similar and the benefits 
are near identical. Although the latin name seems to indicate the common known spice being Cinnamon, yet it is
 far from that. Having proper Latin nomenclature is important for identification  purposes and should always be
 readily available to be certain of what is in the bottle so to speak.
The use of Ho wood  is known to  be sedating; this easing of stress, assists with insomnia. Ho wood may be 
considered an antidote to a depressive state of mind  as it relaxes the nervous system. Other valuable traits are
 the antispasmodic and anti-convulsantant qualities.  This wood is a wonderful component in first aid formulations as 
it is regarded as being analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti fungal.
         Rose wood is well known for its use in skin care blends and so Ho Wood is a wonderful replacement for such
 formulations. The essential oil is  noted especially for anti-aging and mature skin care as it is a cytophylactic component
 that helps generate new cell growth. It is gentle and effective for facial beautification and all over body anointment.

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