HELICHRYSUM   Helichrysum Italicum  Flowering tops Steam Distilled     Corsica

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Helichrysum Italicum is also referred to as Helichrysum angustifolia. Some of the finest sources of Helichrysum oil is obtained from the Mediterranean region.  There are also some small select biodynamic growers who have small batch selections that carry these exceptional traits.  It has a low yield from steam distilled flowering tops, hence a bit costly for the real unadulterated essential oil. It has an amazingly complex character that adds a fantastic dimension of qualities and notes to synergistic blends.

  The name Helichrysum is derived from the Greek “helios” meaning sun and “chrysos” meaning gold, referring to the color of the flowers, also known as Immortelle and Everlasting. A tiny bit of this precious botanical adds tremendous regenerative actions and reparative value for all of the body systems. The therapeutic activities includes antispasmodic, anti inflammatory and wound healing attributes. Helichrysum helps one deal with muscular atrophy and neuralgia, as this plant oil is incredibly useful in formulations to ease pain and assist with wholistic wellness.

On many levels this time honored flower will revitalize and restore “life”. On an emotional level this precious botanical possesses the ability to restore vitality, being  a very strong spleen tonic and antidepressant. Immortelle bestows one with the blessing of “chi” flow while connecting with then ethereal Soul. It possesses excellent qualities  for initiating needed changes as it will remove blockages and help to release debilitating energies while easing nerves and balancing emotions. As this amazing essential oil it regulates the  blood, its anticoagulant actions helps with the flow in the veins by removing stagnancy and dissolving small clots. 

         The Doctrine of Signatures portrays the ability of these yellow flowers in assisting  gallbladder, liver and spleen in their performance. Considering the vibration of the chakra with color energy one centers on the Solar plexus with these everlasting beauties. The name reveals the associations from this energy center that are  especially beneficial with the remarkable traits of this plant. The Solar Plexus chakra  also known as Manipura is located  above the naval and below the chest. The sympathetic nervous system, autonomic nervous system, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, adrenal glands  and spleen all  associate with this powerful center. Helichrysum  offer comforts to our very soulful existence.The term gut instinct certainly applies  to the powers held within this center of the self. Helichrysum assists with the protective energies needed to survive the stresses of life sometimes. With discernment our actions, and creations of choice will manifest through the power of the will. The element of fire is associated with the corresponding solar plexus chakra chakra, Helichrysum offers the ability to reduce inflammation and heat, calming the center of the self.  

This valuable essential oil is a potent aid in stimulating tissue regeneration which will reduce scaring and assist in the skins repair.  In cosmetic preparations Helichrysum is unparalleled as a choice for reparation. Aging skin benefits immensely with the addition of this powerful plant ally.  It is known to relieve acne, rashes and irritations. One of its many attributes is that of being an incredible immune enhancer. Helichrysum is quite  useful for removing toxins and metals from the body through its addition in foot massage blends and soaks.