Healing Helpers

Thursday October 7
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Heaing Helpers essential oil Kit

PEACEFUL BREATH                                                                                            
10ml @$15                                                                                      
Respiratory :(nose, bronchia, lungs) mucolytic, expectorant, decongestant

BRUISE BEGONE                                                                                                
10ml @$17
FOR SPRAINS & SWELLINGS                                                                            
10ml @$15 
JOYFUL HEALER                                                                                                
10ml @$15
Muscular/Skeletal: (bones, ligaments) reduces pain, spasms, & inflammation 

IT’S ABOUT THYME                                                                                           
10ml @$15
Immune/Lymphatic : antimicrobial, preventative value 

WOUND HEALER                                                                                               
10ml  @$15
Skin /Epithelium:(Integumentary) treats minor conditions, skin types, hair care 

POSITIVE MENTAL STATE                                                                              
10ml @$17
Genito-urinary: (reproductive & urinary connection) antiseptic for minor conditions Reproductive :(sex organs, fluids, hormones)  assists regulating hormonal actions         
Endocrine:(adrenal, thyroid, thymus, pineal, pituitary, pancreas) regulates, balances Nervous system :(brain, spinal cord) sedation, stimulation, normalizing, balancing

The kit comes to $109 so lets make it $108
My gift is a colorful Guatemalan zippered pouch for them to travel to you in and it makes a great travel kit to be prepared for minor mishaps and keeping an eye on preventative wellness.

These other two major body systems are best tailored for specific needs. We will discuss your terrain if you would like at another interval in time.
Digestive:(stomach, liver, gall bladder, intestines) carminative (flatulence, spasms)
Cardiovascular: (Circulatory, Heart) normalizes pressure, ease palpitations