With her magic wand she feeds the Soul offering sustenance through the life giving forces of the body. She is full, seeded with rejuvenate life forces flowing joining us with our journeys through time and space. Honoring  a  Far out MaMa “dwarf” Planet Goddess, titled HAUMEA.

1 ml Neat @ $33.00

This lovely Aromatic Creation of exquisite pure essential oils and absolutes are from the following botanicals:

Jasmine; Jasmine sambac  Delightfully awakens the senses with Spiritual elevation

Mysore Sandalwood; Santalum album  Channels the flow of  vibrational energies 

Ylang Ylang Complete; Canaga odorata genuina  Offers receptive feminine grace

Mimosa; Acacia dealbata   Sweetly joins binding coherent life forces together  

Bergamot; Citrus bergamia (bergapatene free)  Offers Shining brightly positivity 

Lime; Citrus aurantifolia    Seeds Creativity as it inspires & empowers positivity

Rose; Rosa damascena        Manifesting the quantum energetics of Love on all levels

Frangipani; Plumeria rubra   especially Sacred for  honoring the Hawaiian deities 

Pink Lotus; Nelumbo nucifera  Embraces birthing from the depth of many origins

Jasmine; Jasmine grandiflora  Emotional Wellness enhanced with heightened joy

Tuberose; Tuberosa absolute  Brings light from darkness, offering faith in beauty

Wild Chamomile; Anthemis nobilis  Mothers the cosmos with softness and peace 

Ambrette seed; Hibiscus abelmoschus  Sparks creativity and Positive developments

Clary Sage; Salvia sclarea  Soothe the nerves, allowing ease of transformations

Cistus; Cistus landaniferus  Will heal wounds from the depths of our Souls

       With Feminine Empowerment these Plants from all around the globe intertwine their quintessential aromatic Vibrational energetics to honor the Mothering that has allowed us to be here in this time and place. Through these positive sweet life forces we may discover a depth of emotional awareness coming from our core that will  gravitate both inward and outward like a plant offering the quintessential magic we embrace for Love & Peace & Goodness.

HALOHA NUILOA!  In Hawaiian it means Very Great Love and Peace to You!

Illustration and article both from Kelley Hunter artist & author HAUMEA is from Planetary God’s and Goddesses Coloring book,colored by D’Aine  Greene 

      Inspired by Kelley’s wisdom and writings HAUMEA, the Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth, has given her name to a distant dwarf planet beyond Pluto, discovered in 2003. It has two moons, named for two of her daughters—sea goddess Namaka, and Hi’iaka, goddess of the hula dance. Another of her daughters is Pele, the volcanic fire goddess. Mother of all creatures, Haumea is ever pregnant, taking time to renew herself after each birth. She reminds us to give pause and honor every creation as it is born, so that it finds its true relationship to the greater whole. In Libra from 1992/93—2022/23, a sign of relationship and balance, Haumea seeks to realign the balance in relationships between people, nations, religions and humanity with Earth. Clearly we need her presence to soothe the extreme polarization currently rampant and disruptive, as we collectively give birth to a new level of global consciousness and cooperation. Haumea will transition into Scorpio from November 2022 to fall 2023, remaining there into 2049 . In this transmutational sign she will use her magic makalei wand to stir up deep waters of desire and erotic passion for revitalizing our world. So many of the new distant planetoids are being named for indigenous creator gods and goddesses. How hopeful!