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As I am not a doctor I may not prescribe (“Use with your free will.”). Usually essential oils should not be taken internally or put into the mouth, yet there are always exceptions. Use sparingly & with guidance, as they are potent.

 “GUMSUse with care.  (contains pure essential oils only)  

 I rub this onto my gums to alleviate toothache, to reduce pain & quicken healing, to secure teeth to the gum & to restore healthy functions to the gums. I apply it onto the gums & rub it in. For adults in neat strength. It may be extended into olive oil to lessen the intensity & keep safe %.

Myrrh*Frankincense* Cinnamon leaf * Clove Bud.

4ml @$26.00        10ml @$55.00        1oz @$150.00