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Grateful Heart


Greetings to All,
      When I came up to my office I anointed GRATEFUL HEART  onto my wrists to inhale and my fingertips to apply to my tresses.  was enveloped in this “GRATEFUL HEART" formulation as I  began writing this  newsletter and was taken aside to share the loveliness that it evokes.  
          This new creation came to me as an example of what a blend may be. I had no intention of adding this in the Nature's Spirit product line. However at this very moment I am compelled to offer this as a limited addition.
This synergy is a complex mix of key components  corresponding with the energies of our hearts, our Souls, our inner wisdom and the beauty we are inside of this being we call the Self.

          The main component of this Soulful parfum is  Etheric Boronia equalled with truly Sacred ethically sourced Mysore Sandalwood . 
There is a generous amount of Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac, and Pink Lotus along with Vintage  Rose Geranium from Reunion for keeping Heart centered. Frankincense Cateri from Somalia and Frankincense Serrata from India hold a base tone of peace and protection. Oud from both Cambodia and Thailand bring the Spirit of the past from the depths of the mysterious jungles while giving a deep base Earthiness.


1 ml neat $88.00
Immersed into 8 ml of jojoba in a spherical applicator @$44.00