Grapefruit, White


GRAPEFRUIT White Citrus paradisi     Cold Pressed Peel          USA

       Citrus paradisi comes in both a White and a Pink version of Grapefruit. I import these cold pressed peel essential oils from both 
the USA and Italy. Grown in warm and tropical climates this essential oil brings forth the radiance of light from the sunshine along 
with increasing warmth of emotion and optimistic vibrations. The molecules released into the air offer beneficial antimicrobial traits 
while balancing the brain with the increased activity of the pineal gland during the inhalation of this essence.          
      Gaining the energy contained within the cellular structure of the peel of the rind of this fragrant fruit strengthens and tones 
the body, mind, emotions and Spirit. This essential oil is known as a “delicate” healer helping one to rid addictions by releasing old patterns
and creating new brain syntax associations. This cellular regeneration acts in a positive way to rewire, so to speak the brain. The essence
is mood uplifting, easing grief and reducing stress. Wit mindfulness and awareness increased alcoholic tendencies are lessened. Grapefruit
stimulates and regulates  neurotransmitters that revive and balance the central nervous system assisting with dealing with states of exhaustion
and depression. Breathing in the aromatic molecules also enhance physical wellness with the antimicrobial and antiseptic traits that are exuded
through its scent. This helps protect against germs, microbes and environmental toxins.
This bright Solar charged plant peel holds much vitality within its amazing cellular wall structure. As it relates to the skin it helps to remove 
cellulite and tones the skins pores and structure as it nourishes the cells. Grapefruit has  diuretic qualities assisting lymphatic functions. This is 
a most excellent hepatic tonic aiding the liver, kidneys and bladder. Grapefruit is very good to recharge the body with its many beneficial traits. 
This oil has phototoxic properties and exposure to the sun must be avoided after application to the skin. Essential oils should always be extended 
into a base before applying onto the body.The fresh scent enhances and lightens  earthy oils such as Patchouli and  Vetyver in a skin care body
anointment blend.
This essential oils is very economical and therefore is very affordable for household uses such as cleaning and laundry. Citrus essential oils blends 
well with the antiseptic green ones for household cleaning and air purification.

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