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Ginger, steam distilled


   The Root of Zingiber officinale is both steam distilled and offered in a CO2 version. Madagascar and India both offer superb plant material.
We  are so blessed to have so many wonderful plants to that enliven us. Fresh Organic  Ginger root is is one that I use often in my herbal
tisanes and Ginger brews. As with many botanicals there are different ways to use the plant and as the methods  vary, so will the  effects 
of the administration.             
      Although there are ways to employ the pure essential oils in food usage, I generally prefer the fresh root. The essential oils are
incredibly strong and therefore  a tiny bit goes quite a distance. Adding the essential oil or the CO2 version of the Ginger will have 
similar biological affects, yet the scent is really different.  Ginger is an excellent component in synergies for moving the chi energy 
and livening the body systems.  
      It is a great ingredient in many formulations, yet much regard must be given to using a low percentage in blending along with other quenching 
oils to be safe. It is a  Warming and Invigorating oil and could cause irritation to sensitive skin if too high a proportion is used. 
The the addition of the  Ginger CO2 in a body /parfum blend would be enticing.  Even adding the steam distilled essential oil  along 
with it for depth would be captivating and mysterious to the senses . Sometimes I do blend like this. The CO2 extraction yields a sweeter 
more fragrant essence than the steam distilled essential oil. This  scent may be favorable for  spicy parfums and enlivening atmospheric energies.
      Whenever Ginger is part of a blend it will stimulate and empower the synergy. Often it is wise to use a little, just like a spice and embed 
it within other  gentle healing plant oils such as Chamomile.  As the Heart -Warming powers increase circulation it warms the extremities, 
reducing inflammation and muscular swelling.   
       As  a  grounding root it also a stimulating substance that serves to  tonify the spleen and kidneys. The lungs benefit from the clearing 
that the ginger triggers in decongesting the body systems.
Ginger is a phenomenal digestive aid and a carminative, easing  nausea and vertigo. This makes Ginger especially useful for travel. Although 
the essential oil is not recommended as a formulation ingredient during pregnancy, the herbal tisane in a light proportion is useful to deter
and possibly remedy morning sickness.
 And, on an psychological note,  Ginger is known as an addiction deterrent, this makes senses as it is a powerful restorative. It may assist
 the will power as it helps the mind to pursue with the set intentions that the body-mind connection truly desires.

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