Geranium, Rose Madagascar


ROSE GERANIUM     Pelargonium roseum    Madagascar 

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       Pelargonium graveolens also referred to as Pelargonium roseum essential oil is steamed distilled mainly from the thick leaves along with some small flowers. This is one plant oil that I have sourced from various places throughout the years. Reunion essential oil has the most idyllic essence to me. The one distilled in France seems to be more floralish, which makes great sense as so many flowers come from Grasse and the bees do travel with delightfully fragrant pollen, so I feel they impart that energy with their endeavors. I use the Madagascar version the most in blending for wellness and balance due to the earthy nature it exudes. I have had Egyptian oil which is nice, and I stay away from the China version as it does not appeal to me. 

Rose Geranium is a great example of how plants pick up energies from the areas they are grown: the terrain, the soil, the rainfall and the air quality all affect the plant as it grows and therefor yields comparable essential oils but with distinctly different olfactory scent waves. All versions of true pelargonium graveolens are good and a mixture is pleasing. These lovely scented  Heart shaped leaves evoke wellness increasing emotional stability while assisting with physical healing. As a cellular regenerator Geranium carries tremendous value in cosmetic preparations, skin care usage and first aid remedials.

As an adaptogen, this wonderful plant has the ability to assist with restoration of balance. Upon inhalation the hypothalamus functions by regulating the messages sent to several parts of the body. The brain relays these messages to effect the flow  of hormones, assisting with easing anxiety, decreasing depression and balancing mood swings. Balancing to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system this positively affects the activities of the Adrenal /pituitary axis which is the most important hormonal monitor in the body reducing stress and hypertension.

          This is excellent as an atmosphere enhancer bringing in positivity while  increasing wellness. Rose Geranium is quite Yin, being especially beneficial for women with all the biological diversities that we experience throughout the years from pre- menstrual tension all the way through menopause and beyond. The use of Rose Geranium is not limited to women though, as the traits are varied and many for all sexes.This component is  applicable for many formulations as it reduces pain, stimulates lymphatic and capillary circulation, eases fluid retention along with assisting with healing bruises and minimizing scars, cuts and burns.