Gemini's Equipoise



The moon goes by many names, with poetic and symbolic titles that are appointed to our beloved Luna. This dyad moon is also called the “Corn planting Moon” and “Flower Moon” to name a few that I particularly resonate with. The Sun and the Moon are more equal in energetic vibration  from May 22 through June 22, creating a teeter tottering balance. For those with an active mind it ay be a restless time. The cosmic twins usher in elemental air forces that sway in extreme measure. Mercury activates mental acuity in many ways. Gemini is indeed a mercurial time with so much activity in the mental realm often there are differences of opinion even within the same mind. I once was close to a very classic Gemini, so it was as if I was with two people, literally. I believe this may have been a very dramatic version of what a Gemini personality may reveal.  

This synergy is composed to assist with the balance of the cosmic forces that we are influenced by during this planetary space in time. 

Australian Sandalwood for a sacred connection through the chakras                   
Rose Geranium for assisting with balance of hormones, heart energy and emotions
Lavender is added to bring equilibrium and peaceful vibrational plant energy
Bay Laurel is excellent for clarifying creative thoughts & putting the into action
Bergamot to regulate the para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
Clary Sage summons the powers of the evening with a calming scentual sensation
Basil  is known to influences the cerebral cortex with incoming sensations and data 
Yarrow adds beneficial phytonutrients to strengthen the body brain union 

1ml neat @ $15.00
8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for direct body anointment @ $18.00

Into a Lavender  Hydrosol to mist the body & surrounding atmosphere. 
1 ounce myst  @   $17.00   
2 ounce myst @   $33.00