Garden of the Goddess



In a 2 oz  bottle @ $55.00

        Years ago I made Garden of the Goddess as a body anointment blend for my MaMa.  My Mom always loved flowers. I remember flowers about the yard, the house and I remember seeing my Mother kneeling on the ground, hands in the dirt to plant aromatic and colorful blossoms of beauty at the doorway to our home.
        These very special essential plant oils that I composed this blend with are different from what I grew up with. As a child I remember Lilacs best because I adored them. I ate them too. When I created this  blend I had no Lilac enfleurage or I would have added that. These flowers are ones bringing the emotions alive with the Love they radiate. Fortunately I was able to make this a few times for my Mom before she departed from her body a few years ago. I loved it so much that I added it to the Nature’s Spirit product line.

Rose Geranium, Marjoram, Lavender, Neroli, Bulgarian Rose,Vetyver, Wild Chamomile & Jasmine immersed into pure organic Jojoba.

Rose Geranium honors the aspects of Femininity guiding natural rhythms and body flow 
Marjoram is a joyous relaxing herbaceous aromatic soothing the body as it ages
Lavender balances the energetic field which surrounds us, supporting & securing peace.
Neroli calms the nerves, allowing the feeling of Celestial magic to fill the senses
Bulgarian Rose is the unity of Love. All Love. Love of the self along with cosmic creation.
Vetyver holds the body to the ground with needed strength for this planet Earth
Wild Chamomile is the MaMa’sherb, comforting, easing anxieties and nurturing the whole.
Jasmine alerts the mind and Spirit to seek higher dimensions opening to aromatic delight.