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With utmost reverence & respect I have formulated this aromatic elixir honoring the guidance of Sri Ganesha.

This Deity is known for removing obstacles from our path. It is my belief that this clearing supports & grants opportunities for each of us to fulfill our desires.

I created a neat synergy of the following list of pure essential oils: Amyris Wood * Dark Patchouli * Ginger Grass * Tulsi Basil * Champaka * Frankincense Sacra * Frankincense Cateri * Frankincense Frerana * Nargarmotha * Ginger Lily * Oud Soufi *Jasmine Sambac * Jasmine Officinale * Pink Lotus * Costus * Frangipnai Rubra * Ambrette Seed *

The intention is to use this as an anointing essential oil on your Ganesha statue or sacred object. It may be added to a pure carrier base for use on the the body .Adding this to a Hydrosol will make a wonderful myst for the Atmosphere & the self.
1ml @ $19.00 Special 5ml @ $88.00

*Extended into a 2 oz Hydrosol of choice @ $33.00
Extended into 8ml of jojoba with a spherical applicator @$22.00