GALBANUM  Ferula galbaniflua Resin  Middle East

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        Ferula galbaniflua exodus a gummy resin that is steam distilled for its essential oil. Galbanum grows native in the Middle East where the greenish white flowers portray the ripeness. The gum is collected by cutting the young stems from a few inches above ground, producing a milky juice which soon hardens; seems to make sense then that Galbanum is known to heal wounds rapidly.  Galbanum  offers cellular stimulation with tremendous healing value, assisting the vital process of metabolic energies. With its tremendous restorative properties I call on the powerful and potently aromatic traits of Galbanum when a wound needs reducing and repair. I have used this for puffy skin that can come up in sensitive spots, like around the eye. To me this is used as an ointment component more medicine like than for daily skin care use. Like with all other essential oils it must be added into a carrier base in a rather small percentage for skin application. Adding some lighter aromatic botanical essences will tone the potent fragrance and assist with producing a therapeutic synergy.

        The scent is powerfully earthy and green indicating many healing values. It has a rather mystical and primal fixative value in pure parfum formulations. This aromatic herb is well recorded and referenced throughout history for numerous Spiritual and Religious benefits for the purification of Body with Soul. Galbanum is noted since ancient Egyptian times as a component in recipes for care of the skin, including mummification. Traces of this resin have been found on mummies as it was an  ingredient for preservation of the physical structure and empowerment in the astral and afterlife for the Soul. Helping remove blockages from the physical plane while assisting with the ascent to a higher dimension was also an esteemed quality.