GALANGAL Alpinia officinarum 
        This Root is steam distilled in Indonesia. It is better known in the culinary arts as a spice, particularly in curries. 
Perhaps this is why it is regarded as a digestive aid. Often spices are utilized for much more than just the flavor they impart. 
That is the beauty of the botanical world with wonder-some plants offering components of scent and flavor along with their 
nutritional values. It is interesting that I was drawn to choose this aromatic when I was feeling rather odd in my gut. This
 is a plant oil I use little of and rarely reach for it.
I thank this plant for calling me to it’s attention. I honor intuition in my studies. This journey with the plants is truly 
amazing. I pray to be guided and I am . I pray for others to be guided by opening up with Nature’s Spirit. In this case it was
 the vibrational energy that drew me in. Honestly the scent is one I am not usually resonating with, but with the need of a more
 medicinal plant it spoke clearly. 
As a wellness component in personal care treatments Galangal is regarded as a skin reparative; easing eruptions . Addition
 of this essential oil in a formulation will benefit the blend by assisting  the balance the lymphatic flow.  Galangal is sometimes used as a parfum component, particularly in India.  It does have a holding power as a rhizome. It will certainly lend an Earthy aroma and help a blend stick together. 

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