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Honoring the Earth with all of the directions & paths which guide us on a daily basis. Intuiting the plant energies to guide us with stability, peace, fortitude, happiness, pleasure & eternal wisdom. While feeling our physical presence amidst the unseen energies of God & Nature, we are part of that energy. This creation is meant to enhance being present in the here & now while at the same time being aware of our eternal source & Soul.

Vetyver                                       Base of physicality...Earthly grounding, rich & thick with passion.

Marjoram                                    Joyous peacefulness a soft leafy herb giving serenity & acceptance.

Ginger                                         Stabilizing & Strengthening our physical structure & domain.

Orange                                        Optimism encouraged through sweetness exuding joy.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior         Sensual sweet scent of spiritual & physical bliss.

Frankincense                               Relaxing the core of being to come to a point of stillness. 

4ml Neat@$26.00        10ml Neat@$64.00         2oz into a Lavender Hydrosol @ $22.00