Honoring the Earth with all of the directions and paths which guide us on a daily basis. Intuiting the plant energies to guide us with stability, peace, fortitude, happiness, pleasure and eternal wisdom. While feeling our physical presence amidst the unseen energies of God with Nature, we are part of that energy. This creation is meant to enhance being present in the here and now while at the same time being aware of our eternal source and Soul.

Ylang Ylang Extra Superior Sensual sweet scent of spiritual with physical bliss. Frankincense Relaxing the core of being to come to a point of stillness.

Base of physicality.... Earthly grounding, rich; thick with passion. Joyous peacefulness a soft leafy herb giving serenity with acceptance. Stabilizing while Strengthening our physical structure and domain. Optimism encouraged through sweetness exuding joy.

4ml Neat@$26.00

10ml Neat@$64.00

2oz into a Lavender Hydrosol @ $22.00