Frankincense Resin, Royal Green Hojari


FRANKINCENSE RESIN      Tears of Frankincense” 

        Extremely symbolic, this precious resin comes from from the bark of this Sacred tree. The life source comes through through these “tears” of this Sacred and Mystical plant. These small botanical bits are excellent as natural incense for purification, karmic clearing and setting atmospheric vibrational intention.This precious essence may assist healing in many dimensions.This aromatic resin  obtained from the Boswellia tree genus is used in incense, perfumes, and even medication.

Frankincense may be found growing in the Arabian peninsula especially in  Oman, Ethiopia, Somalia, the Indian Himalayas and a few other remote regions of the globe. Traditionally this “Holy Herb” is harvested at the end of February when the bark is cut and a thin layer of wood is peeled off. A month later the process is repeated, then the juice (resin) flows from the inner wood which will then harden, become brittle and glitter to indicate its readiness. These then are the tears of Frankincense.

This Holy Botanical has been burned in churches and temples to honor God. To this day it is still used in catholic churches to honor the Trinity and dispel negativity. It is well known that Frankincense is one of the gifts presented to baby Jesus from the 3 Magis. Frankincense is known as the Guardian of the Supernatural. The soothing scent calms the mind, soothes the nerves and eases the perplexing passions of the Soul. One a metaphysical level, this high frequency will connect with our crown chakra increasing our Spiritual dimensional vibration.

Importantly, the best way to utilize this  resin as an  incense is by placing on a it pure charcoal. Any quick lighting charcoal is impregnated with impure and toxic substance which will defeat the purity of this fragrant botanical. 

         There are several species and varieties of frankincense trees, each producing a slightly different type of resin. Frankincense is graded based on color, purity, aroma, age, shape, and place of origin. Currently available is the Royal Green Hojari; Boswellia sacra from Oman.“Hojari” is generally considered the highest grade. This particular batch is medicinal grade, it may be used for mouthwash and oral care. 

ROYAL GREEN HOJARI  Boswellia Sacra                              

1 ounce   @$24.00             

4 ounces @$92.00

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