Frankincense, Boswellia sacra


FRANKINCENSE SACRA  Boswellia sacra   Resin steam distilled  Oman

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      Frankincense is otherwise known as the Holy Herb Olibanum. Libanum was the termed used by the Ancients for this precious resin. This thorny shrub produces clear green leaves with star shaped flowers that have yellow centers.Traditionally at the end of February the bark  is cut and a thin layer of it is peeled off. Months later this process is repeated and then the resin flows out from the inner wood, after this hardens it becomes glittering and turns brittle. It is then bitter to the taste, confirming it to be pure Frankincense.  After the “tears” dry they are collected to be steam distilled into the essential oil. There is also a CO2 version that is quite nice with its complexity. The four Frankincense essential oils that I am familiar with through importing them all have similar qualities. Frankincense cateri is the one that I use mostly for therapeutic blending it comes from Somaliland, Somalia and Ethiopia. Frankincense sacra and the Frankincense frereana both come from Oman where all the resins are wonderful. Boswellia serrata ,known as Olibanum Indicum grows native in India. The Indian Frankincense varies more so in the scent, it is more green  it seems, less resinous unless acquired in the CO2 version. All of types of Frankincense essential oil are very intense concentrations. The delightful aroma will continue to evolve as they intermingle within the synergy and integrate with ones body chemistry.

         Various applications of this traditional and time honored botanical substance have produced astounding results with the healing process. Frankincense strengthens the body, soothes the emotions, and embraces Spiritual vibrations. This quintessential oil proves valuable in enhancing meditative states. Calming the nerves, centering the mind and instilling Peace are some of the beneficial traits offered from this lovely substance.  Inhalation of the essential oil is clearing, often easing asthmatic symptoms, regulating the breath and reducing episodes of stress.This precious sacred resin is time honored for its purity and prayerfulness as it brings forth Spiritual balancing. Frankincense is known as an envoy that will help rid frustrations and stress, clearing confusion. On a metaphysical level this mystical substance will assist with clearing karma as one is enveloped within its sacred protection. Frankincense strengthens self-will as it clears out fears and eases anxieties. Aromatic vibrational molecules regulate the breath allowing fresh prana to free the mind of past burdens and worries of what its to come.

        To this day Frankincense is held high in esteem. There is much to be noted about the behavior of the botanical as it relates to our body. Think about how it corresponds; when the resin is released it behaves as blood, it will clot to form the resinous tears. The bark is as skin and the healing is portrayed by the actions. As a vulnerary, Frankincense heals physical wounds and prevents scarring.               

        In traditional Chinese medicine Frankincense was made into a paste to treat skin issues and respiration complaints. Chewing the resin allows the components to enter the body for effective healing while it enhances oral  hygiene. Egyptians are well known for the cosmetic applications made with this resin for skin beautification, perfuming and Sacred Spiritual anointment.  Frankincense is one of the aromatic substances used in mummification for preservation and Spiritual protection. Frankincense is regarded as the “Guardian of the Supernatural” assisting in the bardo of the being.

        Incorporating Frankincense into formulations brings in many rewarding factors for the whole being as well as  offering a delightful pure Sacred fragrance. The  aromatic complexity along with the diverse beneficial factors bring much cohesiveness to a synergistic creation. My belief in creating a parfum is to allow the unique personal essence of the individual to connect with the aromatic, emotional and Spiritual qualities held within the plants energetic scent and vibration. A Parfum should be in unison with Nature and compliment the Individual.  One will connect on a higher plane  when resonating with the benefits of precious natural plant personalities. Our parfum is our prayer that is our life style in action with its quintessential energetics.

        Frankincense translates as free-lighting.  Many cultures use this extraordinary resin as an incense.  It is believed that the fragrant smoke will carry prayers to the Higher powers and generate benevolent results. Frankincense along with Myrrh and other pleasant aromatics were often burned as incense during religious ceremonies. It is one of the consecrated incenses of the Bible and the Talmud, and of course it is so well known as one of the three gifts from the wise men to the Baby Jesus. It has been used in temples, churches and Sacred ceremonies since ancient times. Many cultures use this resin in worship, ritual and wholistic healing. Amazing results are found  through utilizing the benefits of this aromatic botanical for body, mind, Spirit and Soul.

        The resins hold about 60% of the boswellia acids (along with about 80 other compounds) ; the steam distilled essential oil brings forth about 10%-15% of this. The resin is the purest of incenses and the hydrosols hold small proportions of the molecules within its holographic form. Frankincense contains Trahydrocannabinole: a psychoactive substance that promotes heightened awareness of inner peace.